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Chajin's Utensils & Accessories
kama and furo
kama arare and bronze furo
that we use for
our Tea ceremonies.

Another small kama
with the same
bronze furo

Another kama
and a black furo,
Sen no Rikyu-style

Cast iron kettle
sold at Chajin,
shape of Mount Fuji

Another kama
in another
ceramic furo

A tetsubin
in a ceramic furo,
Oribe-style .

Another tetsubin
Gyokuro set (Kyoto-yaki)
to cool water
for gyokuro
Examples of usamachi
to cool water
for the gyokuro
A hohin
(teapot for gyokuro)
with 6 handpainted
Japanese men
small kyusu (Japanese teapot)

Kyusu from Kyoto

2 kyusus
Kyusu with
matching teacups,
saucers in bamboo

This beautiful handpainted container is normally for the Senchado tea ceremony
(for gyokuro, the tea that is infused during this ceremony).

A main is handpainted
on the side.

A tea container, a chago (bamboo tea scoop with a hand-carved drawing) matching teacups & saucers available at Chajin.